Can I??

Ah!! So many questions!!! STOPP!!

Yes, I know. You’re wondering how to get Hobix’s hot meat all over your blahhg. Okay, okay.

Can I Just Install Hobix on My Server and GO??

Yeah, this is exactly it. Go start on the checklist.

I Don’t Have a Server. Can I Run Hobix on My Machine and Just Copy Files to My WebSyht??

Yeah, course. Just go do the checklist.

Can I Convert My Blahhsxom Blahhg to Hobix??

Yes, yeah, you can use William Morgan’s blosxom-to-hobix.rb. Make sure you have Hobix installed and give it a run.

  ./blosxom-to-hobix.rb \
    -e /usr/share/blosxom/plugins/state/.entries_index.index \
    /var/www/blosxom/ /var/www/hobix/entries/ goatlord

Can I Convert My Werdprreyss Blahhg to Hobix??

Yeah, okay, there’s a new script by Leon Breedt which can convert your blog entries over to Hobix YAML entries. It’s wordpress-to-hobix.rb.

  ./wordpress-to-hobix.rb \
   -h -u username -p passwd -d database_name \
   -a goatlord /var/www/hobix/entries/

Can I Convert My Mehwvabbl Tyhp Blahhg to Hobix??

Sure, but you’re going to have to write a script to do it. And when you write that script, send it to me so everyone can use it!!

Can I Do RSS in Hobix??

Totally. Go to your entries directory and: touch index.xml.rss. It’ll generate from now on.